Motorcycles are about fun and excitement, and fast motorcycles are about more fun and more excitement. The pinnacle of fast motorcycling is racing, and racing places extreme demands on the machinery of motorcycling.

Modern racing engine technology has stressed the driveline of the American V-twins far past it's original design limits. Pass those limits far enough, and failure occurs. The unsung hero of the driveline is the often forgotten clutch. Caught between the irresistible force of a powerful big-inch V-twin engine and the immovable object of a dragstrip starting line, the clutch must do the thankless job of suddenly turning the screaming RPM of the long stroke engine into instant forward motion. Parts not up to the task turn into red hot junk in a heartbeat, becoming twisted, broken metal, and acrid smoke. Those not up to the test are left behind in the trash drum at the end of the day, with only the best surviving to be taken home to race again another day.

Street riders are faced with a different but equally demanding set of needs. For the street rider, the clutch must not only transmit all of the motor's power flawlessly to the rear wheel, but must also do it smoothly, effortlessly, and predictably time after time after time. Drag in the clutch will make the transmission noisy and difficult to shift. A grabby, unpredictable engagement can cause sweaty palms at a busy intersection. A too-stiff lever pull will wear out the rider's hand and make the entire motorcycle feel clumsy and slow to respond. And even the slightest, seemingly undetectable slip between the engine's output shaft and the transmission's input shaft will turn all that hard-earned horsepower into noise and clutch dust. An overpowered clutch turns into constant maintenance, driveline damage, and huge repair bills. Without a clutch up to the demands of the engine, all other power improvements are useless.

Bandit Machine Works products are built with a no compromise, "what ever it takes" philosophy to answer the questions posed by all these demands and more! Demands like easy serviceability, long lived durability, easy tuning, and true economy of ownership. This kind of reliable performance and bulletproof strength is produced by using the best materials available, painstakingly assembled into an innovative design, and thoroughly tested in the harshest environments.

As a result, for over a decade, Bandit has been recognized as the best in the industry. During that time, Bandit has been the supplier chosen by the champions, record holders, dyno shootout winners, and custom builders around the world, and the Superclutch has reduced the rider's thoughts of the clutch to only that of their fingers pressing lightly on the clutch lever.

Bandit offers a full line of clutches and related products for all Big Twins 1941 and later, and Sportsters 1971 and later. Street chain drive models all fit inside the stock primary cases. Street drives are available with or without electric start. Race models are available in chain and full width belt drives to fit nearly every conceivable combination of engine and transmission including drag race automatics, and two models of centrifugal assist lockups are available.

Belt drive pulleys carved from solid billet for strength and light weight are available in a wide variety of tooth counts and custom configurations. A variety of friction materials are available to suit every application, wet or dry. The Sportster 5 speed clutches, including the new lightweight 8x85mm belt drive are complemented by a super duty billet transmission trap door. Bandit pioneered the use of the double row ball bearing in 1986, 4 years before HD, as well as the 9 full sized friction plate clutch pack. This clutch pack offers many times the surface area of the stock clutches and gives the Superclutch it's famous power holding ability, it's light lever pull, the crisp clean feel of it's engagement, and it's "set it and forget it" reliability. Everything is carefully developed to work properly with the corresponding stock and aftermarket parts.