Line of Business - Products/services offered
  • We are a Manufacturer, Distributor and Retailer of motorsports mechanical products - specifically, vehicles, parts, accessories and tools for drag racing and related fields. More than a supplier of physical products, we are in the success and fun business - our ultimate goal is to enable our customer to be successful and to enjoy his or her motorsports experience.
Geographic Scope
  • Market area - Worldwide
  • One business location - Lancaster, PA
Target Markets and positioning
  • Our primary customers are the individuals, companies and teams wanting or needing the best motorsports equipment available, willing to do what is necessary to properly apply it, with above average ability and resources.
Basis of Competition
  • We will produce the best performing, best designed and best executed products of their kind.
  • Operation of those products will be superior to all others.
  • Convenience of use and service will be above average, it will be obvious that much thought went into the design of the product.
  • Execution of appearance will be uniform / a Bandit product will look like a Bandit product, with fine detail being a distinguishing characteristic.
  • Through innovation, skills and technology, we will continue to lead the industry.
  • Our company will be systemized to provide for a smooth work flow at all times and so that what we do will be consistent and repeatable - every customer will have the same good experience.
  • Honesty, integrity, and fairness will be the hallmarks of our relationships with our customers.
  • We will be perceived as the best, and the one the others are judged by.
  • We will be "hands on"- directly involved in the application and development of our products in the field.
  • Our attitude - "Whatever it takes".
  • We will attract quality individuals interested in excellence.
  • We will create an environment within our company which fosters individual growth, and in which satisfaction and joy in one's work are everyday, commonplace experiences.
  • The spirit of our work will be of honesty, fairness, consideration, respect, cooperation, compassion, and support for our mutual and individual goals and needs.
  • We will support each other in growing personally and professionally.