RETURN POLICY: Dealers and direct purchasers can return standard* items (non-special orders) for a full refund for 30 days after purchase, provided that the assembly or item has not been used or modified in any way and is in new condition in its' original packaging. Orders paid for with a credit card will be charged a 5% handling fee upon refund. After 30 days, up to 120 days, purchases may be returned for full credit toward a future purchase or a cash refund less a 25% restocking charge. Obsolete parts will not be accepted for return.

An item which is largely assembled from standard items, but contains one or more non-standard parts, may be handled as above, except for the non-standard part. The non-standard part will not be credited to the purchaser.

An example of this would be an arrangement of non-standard studs welded in a center hub. We will not accept the hub for return and the cost of the hub will be deducted from the credit issued for the complete assembly.

Special order items, especially those requiring an advance deposit, and custom items, will not be accepted for return. Items which are custom installed on purchaser's components will not be accepted for return. In the two aforementioned cases, if the customer insists, we will accept the entire assembly, but will not issue credit for the items modified to fit the purchaser's parts, or the labor to install them. In this case, the entire assembly becomes the property of Bandit Machine Works.

*Assemblies which are not standard part numbers but which made of standard items are considered to be "standard" for the purposes of return, provided that all part numbers may be reused in a standard assembly.

DEALER PRICE PROGRAM: Dealer prices are available to qualified purchasers: Motorcycle dealers, motorcycle repair shops, and motorcycle parts and accessory outlets. Call for requirements.

TERMS: COD certified funds unless other terms are agreed upon. Returned checks will be charged $30.00 fee plus collection costs. Open accounts will be charged 1-1/2% per month after 30 days. Accounts over 60 days will be placed on COD.

MINIMUM ORDER: $10 minimum order please. Returns and refused orders are subject to a 25% restocking charge.

DISCLAIMER: The words Harley Davidson, Harley, H-D, Softail, Sportster, FLT, FXR, XL, XR, Buell, etc, and their connection to factory parts and specifications are used as reference only and are not intended to imply that these parts are manufactured by or endorsed by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

NOTE: All items sold by Bandit Machine Works are expressly intended for competition/off highway use only. The purchaser is responsible for determining suitability, proper application, and fitness for purpose of any and all products purchased from Bandit Machine Works. All items sold are considered by law a customer assembled item and carry no liability to the maker. In no case can Bandit Machine Works assume any liability of any type. Bandit Machine Works makes no warranty of fitness or merchantability of any type.

OUR POLICY: Any parts defective in material or workmanship manufactured by Bandit Machine Works will be replaced in a prompt and just manner to the original purchaser up to one year after date of original invoice. Items showing evidence of abuse, modification, or improper application or installation will not be replaced. There is expressly no warranty on parts used in conjunction with sintered iron plates. Other items will be handled according to the manufacturer's own terms of warranty. Bandit Machine Works will accept no responsibility for damage to other parts used in conjunction with Bandit Machine Works products.

Prices are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for typographical or data errors.