'90-up Sportster 5-speed Superclutch
Installation Instructions

1. The new clutch shell has 59 teeth compared to 56 on the stock shell. Change your rear gearing to suit.

2. Check for clearance between the detent retention stud on the shift drum and the back of the clutch shell. Shorten the stud slightly for clearance if necessary.

3. Install the clutch plates. Place the .120 thick backing plate over the splined hub first. Inspect the friction plates, deburr as necessary and remove any overlapping lining. The plates must move freely in the clutch shell for the clutch to release freely. Install a .047 steel plate onto the hub followed by a friction plate and continue until eight friction plates and nine steels are installed with the last plate being a steel plate. Hold the plates into the assembly with firm finger pressure and measure the clearance from the last plate to the end of the splined hub. This should be a minimum of 0.180" and a maximum of 0.260". Adjust this clearance by adding steel plates or swapping plates of different thicknesses. Steel plates are available in .047, .070, and .120 thicknesses. Inspect periodically and adjust this clearance dimension as the lining wears.

4. Install the clutch adjusting screw into the bearing in the pressure plate, securing it with the retaining snap ring. Install the spring cups into the pressure plate.

5. Install the pressure plate. Align the timing mark on the pressure plate with the timing mark on the splined hub and install. Install the springs and spring collars. Install the retaining nuts and run down until the nuts fully engage the retaining studs. If you add additional pressure, make sure the springs do not coil bind at full pressure plate travel. Make sure all the collars are set evenly.

6. Set cable freeplay at 1/8" to 3/16".

7. '91 and later primary covers have more internal webbing (for the purpose of noise abatement) than the '90 covers. Check the clearance between the top run of chain and the inside of these webs, and modify as necessary for clearance.

8. We recommend using Golden Spectro Motorcycle Gear Lube 80w in the primary case. We have not had good results with oils such as the HD primary fluid.


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